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· If your project requires a vertical geothermal system or a ground water drilling, we know drillers experienced in your region’s underground structure.

· Lemasson’s Research and Development department counting 30+ years of experience.

· The exceptional robustness of the Lemasson heat pumps built in France for more than 30 years. Not only do they heat your home, but also produce all your hot sanitary water without any electrical supplement.

If we are convinced of your project’s economic and energetic justification, we will present it to you. Otherwise, our installers will recommend a project better adapted to your personal case.

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If your environment allows, the geothermal heat pump is a most comfortable and economic means of heating and producing hot sanitary water.
Whether building a new home or replacing your existing electrical heating or fuel, propane or gas boiler, Alliance Energies Renouvelables in collaboration with the geothermal heat pump maker Lemasson will assemble the necessary talents to define and install your personalized long-lasting solution.

Our assets:
· Our network of experienced plumbers and heating specialists ensure their customers' satisfaction. Their loyalty demonstrates Lemasson products’ and project quality. Close to you and chosen on recommendation, you can count on them and they know they can count on us.
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Using the hotwater produced by your geothermal heatpump for your dishwasher generates significant savings because 75% of its electric consumption is to heat the water.